Enjoy your stay in TOKYO without worrying about language.


Wanna go to see art?

wanna go dancing at night?

You will discover real Tokyo with us.

The tour guide in our company corresponds to various matters.Not only we take the client to general sightseeing places but also we take ALL kind of places,including underground culture scene in Tokyo. You will discover real tokyo with us. We'd love to help your travel or free time in your Tokyo stay.

※ We also do just plan making. Feel free to contact us.

Guide for your sightseeing

● DAY TIME (8am to 6PM)  
 4 hours ¥13,000~ / Extension ¥3,000~/h
 *our original special course ¥20,000~
★ NIGHT TIME (6pm to 10pm) 
  ¥20,000~ *our original special course ¥32,000~

We pick you up and send you off at the airport by your request.
(Extra charge)

Sightseeing spot 〜 Gallery 〜 Shopping

Dinner 〜 Live house

Night clubbing



agent : millei imamura


Other Interpretation

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